Game Review: Velvet Sundown

Name: Velvet Sundown

Developer: Tribe Studios


Platform: Windows/Mac

Price: Free (with scenarios that can be purchased)

Download: Steam

Although I’m late to finding this game, it doesn’t matter much because I had to wait anyway to play it. All jokes aside, I was filled with anticipation. The start screen is equipped with a chat, a log filled with the players online and the playable scenarios off to the side.

The start screen is equipped with a chat, a log filled with the players that are currently online and the playable scenarios off to the side. To start you off and get you familiar with the controls, the game puts you into the tutorial. Here you learn the basics, which is estimated to take 10 minutes but it should presumably take less (I took less than 5 minutes).

Then you’re brought back out to the loading screen where you now get to fend for yourself.

One thing I love about this game is that all of the scenarios, both free and paid rotate every two and a half hours. This gives you the chance to try them all out before you buy.

I wouldn’t buy them just yet, though. Even if you LOVE the scenarios, I wouldn’t recommend buying them until you seen the demand. At the time of writing this, there are five players in game. Every one of these players is playing the free version. The other three (including me) are waiting patiently for enough players to join our round of the free scenario that has spun around this time.

This for me is one of the downfalls of the game. It truthfully isn’t that fun to wait for an undisclosed amount of time to play a game, but it is easier to overcome once you really get into the gameplay.

So finally. Into the overall gameplay. You’re thrown into the scenario with around four other players (three for me because I dragged my friend along) and you take over the body of a random character. You get a quick overview of the character and their place on the boat. Next, you’re given objectives and an inventory with supplies. Then you’re free to roam the boat!

I’ve played all of the scenarios and the objectives in each scenario are different. Most scenarios take around half an hour to play. For the most part the roles of the characters are similar. The layout of the yacht is the same. There are items like tasers, important data, business cards and passports. There are devices that can identify you. Pens to write down the name of who you’re accusing as the murderer. And the items are only part of the fun.

The online multiplayer experience in this game can be a hit or miss. For myself, I get a kick out of behaviour triggered by anonymity. I found the experience to be interesting and unpredictable. This also makes for a whole new experience each time you play. I’ve noticed a few regulars on the game, but they always make for a great time.

Next you do what you please. None of the story is revealed to you. You’re left to figure it out. Walk up to Matt and tase him.

Game Review: Velvet Sundown