The Many Snakes of

It’s the reincarnation of Snake, that game that our parents used to play way back before we were even a thought in their mind. But now, we get to enjoy it in the form of, an addictive online multi-player game that has been revamped to make the game even more fun.

I’ve played this game. A lot actually. So much that I think that I have went through a transition of all of these types of players. There are some that you’ll hate, and there are some that you’ll love. You’ll have to try it out to see which player you are, and how to avoid being targeted by the other players in the game. Good luck, it’s a snake-eat-snake world out there.

1. The Trapper

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Photo by Lowtech Studios on the Google Play Store

This player feels no remorse in making you squirm and squeal as they trap you in their spinning terror of a body. If you’re smaller than them, but big enough to provide enough food in exchange for their risk of being killed accidentally, they will hunt you down. They’ll surround you. And once you’re surrounded, there’s no getting out. Unless they let you go. But this is pretty much a guarantee that you’re fresh meat.

(There’s also a trapper that traps the trapper. Your small position makes you more vulnerable to being trapped as well. But you’ll see this snake coming and have the chance to get out before it’s too late.)

2. The Follower


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This player has probably died an excessive amount of times on They are most likely smaller snakes following larger ones to either, feed on their prey, or try to sneak attack the larger snakes. They are likely to get caught up in “feeding frenzies” where a large amount of snakes have disintegrated. The blood bath is caused by snakes hitting each other when struggling to eat the remains of the deceased snakes. Sounds pretty wild when it’s put that way, but that is really what it feels like. These snakes can be found in any high-volume areas on the map where they try to get big as quick as possible.

3. The Sneaky Snake

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You’ll find these players staying as far as possible from the hustle and bustle of the other inhabitants. They’re at the far sides of the map. Eating the sparse particles that appear and hoping for the occasional disintegrated snake, they stay away from the drama and try to eat enough to become more dominant before mustering up the confidence to move closer in on the map.

4. The Targeter


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This snake doesn’t care what size you are. It will do whatever it has to in order to take you out. These snakes typically stay close to you and act like they are hovering around and picking up food. Then before you know it, they take the plunge. They speed ahead of you and make you run into them. AVOID THESE SNAKES AT ALL COSTS. THEY REFUSE TO GIVE UP. You have been warned.

5. The Giants

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These guys are usually on the top of the leaderboard, or close to making it. They do whatever they can to avoid the little nub snakes that make useless attempts at killing them. They have technique, and you have to figure them out. They’ll turn into themselves, avoiding your measly attack. They’ll turn in front of you, killing you before you can even speed away. Be cautious when attacking these snakes, they are pros at catching their prey and staying on top.

6. The Scaredy-Snake

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This snake will hover around you, and when you try to kill it, it cowers off never to be seen again. These snakes are usually VERY small. They will make one attempt at killing you, but if they miss or you make an attempt at killing them they get away as fast as they can, often using up all of their speed powers.

Wouldn’t it be great if players used these nicknames for their snakes so that we didn’t have to figure out motives and tactics? Sure, but that’s all part of the fun. The nicknames, the gameplay and the players themselves give this game it’s sugar and spice, and make it addictive and fun.

By the way, if you see me around on the server, please don’t kill me. My username is usually “brandylovesfood22”. I’m usually pretty fearless on the server though. 🙂

Which snake are you? Which snake do you hate? Do you think you have all of these snakes figured out? Leave a comment below and let me know what you think!

The Many Snakes of