Trying Something New

The one thing that I’m most scared of is spiders. And change. And failing. And, well… many other things. Trying new things is definitely high on the list as well.

I like to try new things in a low risk environment. For me, that means in the comfort of my own home where I know I am free of judgement to practice at something until I am good enough at it to show it to the world. Unfortunately, that can’t always be a good thing. I lack constructive criticism and honest truths from others. What I fear most about making my work public is the fear of rejection and hate. Diving into more depth on those topics are for another post.

I’m writing this as I try out something new that I am quickly becoming pretty passionate about. I am mesmerized by videos that I have seen on this topic and I was eager to try it out myself. Many of you probably follow accounts on Instagram or Twitter that show you artist’s work and other entertaining videos, as do I. As someone who has always been very appreciative of art and pretty passionate about it, I’ve always loved seeing the process of how one creates their own masterpiece.

I am now working in a field of my own where I get to create art everyday. My art is writing, but when I have spare time I enjoy creating other types of art. Videos, websites, DIY projects, painting and countless other activities. I am now adding something else to the list: calligraphy.

A few weeks ago, I purchased a calligraphy pen with 3 different nibs at Michaels. I had conducted some of my own research and went there to specifically purchase the Pilot Parallel Calligraphy Pens. Unfortunately I didn’t research well enough to know that the Michaels I had went to didn’t sell them. (Great job, B.)

That night I went home and started writing. I wrote so much that the first ink cartridge had already ran out. The next night I had an insatiable urge to write again. I decided to control myself and savor the ink cartridge until I was able to get new ink. Already I could tell that my writing was improving from the night before. I am by no means a calligraphy expert but I could tell that the pen didn’t feel as foreign to me. And even better, I enjoyed it so much.

So where do I want to go from here? Well, I want to practice more. In fact, I want to be able to write beautiful pieces for not only myself but maybe others if they’d like! As of today, I would like to have the chance to write calligraphy daily. I’m planning to have another blog post up soon with the tools I’ve recently bought from Amazon. We’ll see where it goes and I’ll be sure to keep updating!

Are you a calligrapher or someone like me who would love to get into the art? Maybe you have some tips or recommendations? Let me know in the comments!

Trying Something New

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