Give the Gift of Coke

Today I read a story on the new Coco-Cola campaign for the 2015 holiday season. Coke is known for innovating their bottles in different, interesting ways such as printing names onto their labels. But this year, they have really outdone themselves. They’ve changed the label completely and made it so that you can transform it into something different.

It’s called a “Magic Bow Bottle”. What looks like an ordinary label can be ripped and pulled to become a Christmas bow. This really makes Coca-Cola stand out from every other soft drink in the market. Coke has always been very good at standing out. Arguably one of the best. This idea is something that has never been done before on any other soft drink.

It’s nice because it gives you the option to have a regular Coke bottle, or to make it festive and spontaneous. I wouldn’t be surprised if many other soft drink companies start following suit and create their own transformative packaging like this. We will probably see a lot more of this in the future.

Give the Gift of Coke

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