$5 for Cards Against Humanity

Last Friday was Black Friday 2015. This is the day of sales and discounts, some so big that people actually endanger their lives to get the deals they want. But online, it’s another story.

The deals last for days online, with plenty of time to buy what you’re looking for. This year, Cards Against Humanity took their online Black Friday deals to the next level. It really wasn’t even a deal. They gave their customers the option to buy nothing for $5. They shut down their whole online store and just kept a simple form that allowed people to give them $5.

You’re probably wondering, who would ever do this? Well the results are in and the answer is 11,248. And that’s not all. An additional 1,199 people gave even more than $5. That’s still not all. One person even gave $100. That’s $100 for nothing in return, nor for anything charitable.

This is a wild concept, and one that has been done before (Nothing, for the person who has everything) but never like this. The online store was taken down for this, which means they didn’t sell any of their products for the whole day via their website. In total they made $71,145. Each staff member spent their share of that money in whatever way they wanted, by buying the things they wanted and also donating some to charities.

Overall, this Black Friday sale was definitely a success. The fact that they effortlessly pulled off this “deal” is amazing. It definitely fit with their company, and it was shocking enough to get a lot of press. It is not an easy task to make $71,145 and give the buyer nothing in return. It would be interesting to see other companies use this tactic, and see if they can be just as successful with it.

$5 for Cards Against Humanity

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