Holiday Cliches

Snickers – Hungry for Halloween?:

I think that it’s very hard to stay away from cliche ads around Halloween, Christmas, and Easter. It’s actually quite refreshing that some brands are able to escape the trap of cliches and create ads that are funny, emotional, and sometimes leave people in awe. One brand that always seems to nail this is Snickers. Their 2015 Halloween ad starts off making you uneasy as the subject appears to be a killer, but leaves you inspired and amazed at the end by the beauty of his creations. Snickers already has a recognizable package and they used this to their advantage in this ad by creating names for each of the pumpkins that are carved. They finished it off by putting a Snickers bar with that name on it in their mouths. Overall, this ad really has escaped the cliches that any other Halloween ad would use and made it into something that still fit the occasion. This is something that many other brands could take note on, which could help to improve their brand.

Holiday Cliches

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